YouTube - Luciano PAVAROTTI Dies! Tribute To The Greatest Tenor

YouTube - Luciano PAVAROTTI Dies! Tribute To The Greatest Tenor The Best Tenor Ever Born In History.

The Greatest Tenor there ever was and probably ever will be, Pavarotti with his songs left a big imprint on the globe. The Three Tenor concerts, where Luciano Pavarotti was joined by Placiodo Domingo and Jose Carreras in Italy, 1990 for the World Cup soccer, created joy and excitement and put a record in the history book of the biggest crowd: an estimated 800 million viewers world wide. Nessun Dorma was one of his biggest successes even to non-opera fans which in the melody are singing: all`alba Vincero`Vincero Vincero`(at sun rise I shall triumph, I shall triumph, I shall triumph!) which I believe he did. He passed away at 5am in his house in Modena Nord Italy with his close family. A father, a husband and a legend to all; his spirit will remain in the world forever.

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